Welcome to our Python Peer Group!

What is a peer group?

Peer groups consist of people who have similar interests in a topic and often have the same experience around that topic. Peer groups don't use the conventional hierarchical levels of teacher and student. This helps:

  1. Confused group members by giving the multiple people to ask for help
  2. Cover more material in a shorter amount of time
  3. Learning become more fun


  1. Preferably a middle schooler
  2. Access to a personal computer
  3. The ability and knowledge of how to download software onto an operating system.
  4. A computer running an operating system such as Mac OS, Windows, or Linux.
  5. The ability to meet with other people and share one's screen using an application such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

What will we learn:

We will learn Python Programming with a project-based approach. This helps us learn new concepts and topics without getting bored!

A Broad Curriculum:

  1. The basics of Python
  2. Web Scraping and Email
  3. Web-based calculator
  4. Online MongoDB application
  5. Simple Machine Learning with Python

More detail will be shared once the group has started

How will the group function?

We will go through the curriculum, helping each other along the way. I have some experience in Python, so I will be providing materials I have previously used or created. We will meet over a virtual calling app such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Interested? Please fill in the form below or shoot me an email with this information at rohankvij AT gmail.com